Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you face criminal charges, the attorney you need won’t be the same as the one you might use to write a will or buy a home. It won’t even be the accident attorney a relative might have used after a vehicle crash. Instead of a civil attorney, you need a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in criminal legal matters. You also need them to meet certain criteria to fit you well.


Time is crucial when dealing with a criminal charge; losing time can mean losing your case. Your criminal defense attorney needs to be someone that gets working on your case immediately. How fast a law office responds to your initial query or call is a good indication of this.

Reputable Feedback

You can look up any attorney online and read many reviews and feedback, but not all the potential sources will be reliable. Facebook and Google+ are websites that don’t let legal professionals remove negative reviews so that they can be sources of honest information. Then again, you should never rule any attorney out based on one bad review. The state bar association where they practice can also be a great source of information.


Even if a relative recommended an accident attorney they once used, you should still ask friends and family you trust for their recommendations. They may have used criminal attorneys they can suggest, and that accident attorney might know a criminal lawyer they trust and respect.


The most expensive attorney isn’t always the best one. Look for someone who bills simply and can help you estimate how much their services will cost for a total defense. Make sure you understand what their services will cover for you.

Immediate Basics

Another thing to quiz potential attorneys about is their basic knowledge of common crimes if they apply to your circumstances. They should be able to tell you in plain language the possible penalties for the charges you face and how likely they are. If there are nuances to your case, they’ll know what to look for and ask about.

You Make the Call

An effective criminal attorney will manage many of your case actions, from choosing specific defense methods and filing court motions to choosing particular witnesses and questioning them if you go to trial. However, the biggest decisions they will leave to you include whether or not to go to trial, plead guilty, or attempt a plea bargain arrangement.

Hire a Local Attorney

If you’re looking for a criminal lawyer to represent you, you should look for a criminal defense lawyer in your local area. Lawyers who work in your community have experience in the procedures of local courthouses and laws of your state, and they may have professional relationships or knowledge of local prosecutors.


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